CBD Isolate vs CBD Oil: Things You Need to Know

  CBD Isolate vs CBD Oil: Things You Need to Know Cannabis products have developed well beyond conventional uses of the plant. Medical cannabis has entered several innovations like “full-spectrum” CBD Oil and a more concentrated cousin, CBD isolate. Learn the differences between CBD Isolate vs CBD Oil. Which one is right for you? Here […]

Health Benefits of THC – Online Dispensaries in Canada

Health Benefits of THC   What benefits do we get with THC – a widely recognized component of cannabis? This is the same compound that produces the “high” experience. Check out the essential benefits of THC in everyday health. THC Benefits Provides Pain Relief Pain relief is one of the top medical benefits of THC […]

The Legendary Gorilla Glue Strain – Canada

Legendary Gorilla Glue Strain  The award-winning Gorilla Glue, and is known as Original Glue or GG#4, earned first place in various prominent Cannabis Cups. The legendary Gorilla Glue strain remains one of the most popular strains to enjoy because of its balanced genetics and huge, super sticky buds. Gorilla Glue is one of the most […]

Choosing Best Weed Strain For You – Canada

The Secret In Choosing the Best Weed Strain For You Choosing the right strain requires some knowledge of the cannabis plant to find what you can enjoy best. Look at some tips on choosing the best weed strain for you the next time you’re checking on any dispensaries. Know the options available There are three […]

Difference Between Mind High vs. Body High

Mind High vs. Body High Cannabis is great and mysterious. In order to find the right way to attain a successful high, it is important to understand the difference between mind high and body high. Understanding the comparison of Indica and Sativa is the best way to learn cannabis effects. The Sativa plant is more […]

Best Marijuana Strains for Arthritis – Canada

Best Marijuana Strains for Arthritis Marijuana has many medical applications nowadays. For instance, some used to reduce nausea or prevent headaches while others use it to relieve anxiety and depression. The most common uses of marijuana are for pain relief and often used for arthritis pain relief. Let’s check the best marijuana strains for arthritis […]

Mary CBD Pet Tinctures – Buy Cannabis Online

Mary CBD Pet Tinctures Take care of your furry little friends with a tincture designed to relieve their stresses and strains. When your pet feels anxiety or discomfort, trust this hemp-based CBD product to ease their strife. In as little as 5 minutes, one dosage of oil will bring your loyal partner back to a […]

Types of Weed Quality – Canada Online Dispensaries

Types of Weed Quality Not all marijuana looks the same, there’s a lot of range in the quality you can get. For this reason, you will see strains labeled under different types of weed quality. Most Canadian retailers use the A-AAAA as their grading scales. Here’s a guide to different types of weed quality and […]

CBD Oil Benefits – Online Dispensaries in Canada

Cannabidiol Oil Cannabidiol oil, known as CBD oil or hemp oil, touted as a panacea for everything from cancer pain to depression and anxiety. Some research shows that it provides relief from arthritis pain.  Benefits of CBD Oil It does not affect your brain the same way that THC does. According to Healthline, it interacts […]